Comparación mediante el empleo de los caracteres merísticos y el crecimiento de caballas originarias de varias regiones geográficas (Cataluña, Islas Canarias y Sudamerica)

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Mar del Plata: Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero
Mackerel from SW Atlantic (22° -39°S) and the coast of Cataluña (42° 30'N) were compared by analizing both morphometric and meristic characters. A multivariate analysis, i.e. principal components was used. The growth curves corresponding to mackerels from different regions (Canarias, North of Chile, Mar del Plata and Rincón in Argentine) were also compared, as well as the mean length at ages 1 and 2 (Mar del Plata- Cataluña, Rincón- Cataluña). Significant differences in the growth were found between two groups. The first group was integrated by three SW Atlantic population (Brasil, Mar del Plata, Rincón), which possible conform a subspecies of Scomber japonicus. The second one was represented by the coastal mackerel off Cataluña.
INIDEP Documento Científico, 2. p. 7-17