INIDEP Informe Técnico Nro 83 (2011)


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    Distribución y abundancia de huevos y larvas de langostino patagónico (Pleoticus muelleri) (Penaeoidea, Solenoceridae) en las temporadas estivales de 2008 y 2009
    (Mar del Plata : Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero INIDEP, 2011) Moriondo Danovaro, P.
    The study on distribution and abundance of eggs and early planktonic stages of red shrimp, Pleoticus muelleri (Bate, 1888), contributes to a better knowledge of the species dynamics. Results from processing and analyzing 72 plankton samples collected with Bongo net during two research cruises on board of FV “Arbumasa XVIII” and RV “Capitán Oca Balda”, carried out in the Patagonian littoral in March 2008 and January 2009, are presented. In both cruises, eggs and larval stages were found all over the study area. The highest punctual densities of eggs were recorded in the area known as “La Pared” (46° 45’ S-65° 55’ W and 46° 50’ S-65° 55’ W). Eggs indicate the presence of shrimp reproductive concentrations which, while migrating eastwards towards waters of national jurisdiction, generate production scenarios characterized by high rates of catch per unit of effort and better commercial sizes. In the 2009 cruise, high densities of shrimp eggs were also found near Rawson area.