INIDEP Informe Técnico Nro 79 (2011)


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    Estimación de un índice de abundancia anual de gatuzo (Mustelus schmitti) a partir de datos de la flota comercial argentina. Período 1992-2008
    (INIDEP, 2011) Pérez, M.; Massa, A.M.; Cordo, H.D.
    Patagonian smoothhound (Mustelus schmitti) is one of the predominant cartilaginous fishes of the Argentine Sea (SW Atlantic Ocean). It is caught, mainly, in the coastal multispecific fishery with nearly other 30 bony and cartilaginous species. The group is known as ‘variado costero’. In this work the smoothhound abundance indices (CPUE) and standardized efforts for the 1992-2008 period in the area between 34~’S-42~’S were estimated. The General Lineal Model (GLM) and data derived from the argentine commercial fleet were used. Other aspects that could affect estimates and trends of the annual indices were also analyzed. Mean CPUE values estimated with the GLM, considered as annual standardized abundance indices, show an increasing trend as of 2000; the highest relative levels correspond to the last three years of the study period