INIDEP Informe Técnico Nro 70 (2009)

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    Análisis de la utilización de la captura por unidad de esfuerzo de pescadilla de red (Cynoscion guatucupa) como índice de abundancia anual. Período 1992-2004
    (Mar del Plata: Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero, 2009) Perrotta, R.G.; Ruarte, C.O.
    The stripped weakfish (Cynoscion guatucupa) caught in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina (SW Atlantic) has a wide latitudinal distribution (22° S-43° S). In Argentina there are two main fishing areas, the Argentine-Uruguayan Common Fishing Zone and 'El Rincón', southern zone of the Buenos Aires littoral. The importance of the species makes it necessary to define an annual abundance index that would allow to diagnose the state of the stock. The model adjusted to calculate the index is the General Linear Model. The factors used were Year, Quarter, Length, Stratum (4 categories) and sub-areas (5 categories), all statistically significant. The problem generated by the presence in the model of first order interactions that include the Year factor is discussed. The importance of said interactions is assessed pursuant to the percentage of variance explained considering the model with and without such interactions. It is concluded that the catch per unit of effort series reflects space-temporal changes in the fleet activity not proportional to the biomass.