Estudio de las concentraciones de los ácidos nucleicos (RNA, DNA) en músculo blanco e hígado de la lisa (Mugil brasiliensis) a lo largo de sus períodos de reposo y maduración gonadal

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Mar del Plata: Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero (INIDEP)
The concentration of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) was reviewed, as well as the RNA/DNA coefficient, in white muscle and liver of Mugil brasiliensis adult females caught at the Mar Chiquita Coastal Laggon (37°30'S, 57°20'W) between September and March. Countrary to what observations in other species (Lepomis macrochirus and Clarias batrachus)have shown, i.e., a decrease in muscle RNA/DNA during gonadal maturation, Mugil brasiliensis would seem to maintain a proteic balance in equilibrium during the said period. No significant correlation was found between IGS and the RNA, DNA and RNA/DNA muscular variables.
Revista de Investigación y Desarrollo Pesquero, 6. p. 117-129